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I live in Leicestershire in the United Kingdom where I currently spend my time reading, anything and everything, but mostly books about Cornish smuggling, ghosts and mysteries (Mmmm, I think there is a story there somewhere!)


​My love for books has grown throughout my life, fed by my relentless daydreaming.  As a child I was always told by my teachers that I daydreamed too much.  As an adult, I frequently find myself reading and mentally re-writing the stories, when I read something and feel it could have been done better. 


Several people have asked me what inspired me to start writing.  Well, I was haunted!  Literally.  I had a story that just wouldn't leave me.  It kept going around and around in my mind, being the first thing I thought of when I woke up, and the last thing I thought about before I went to sleep.  I was driven to get the ideas down on paper, initially in a rough draft.  But still the stories in my head wouldn't leave me and I soon found myself embellishing my notes and turning them into a book.  Thus the Cavendish Mysteries was born. A​s a working mum, I spent my evenings when the children were tucked up in bed tapping away on my laptop.  I still do, and find the 'muse' flows better at night without the constant interruptions of, 'mum, can I have', and 'mum, I'm hungry'.


​As soon as I started writing the words flew onto the screen, and I found I couldn't stop.  More and more stories came forth and I knew I had to remain true to my dream and turn my passion for writing stories into a job.


​It has been a long and very bumpy road, but I do sincerely hope the stories I write bring people pleasure.


​I do believe everything in life is a learning journey, put before us to enrich us as we travel life's pathway.  I try to learn from all feedback received, and fully appreciate that one cannot please everyone all of the time. There will be people who love my books; in turn there will be people who hate them, but I hope that the majority of people love them. ​


​If you have any comments/suggestions please feel free to use the 'Contact Me' page.  I do try to reply to everyone but obviously if I am writing, it may take me a day or two, so please be patient.


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​Whatever you decide to read, I hope you enjoy it and take a few moments to leave a review for other readers.  


Thank you.