Historical Mysteries

The Cavendish Mysteries and Star Elite books are a series of books with a twist. They are historical romantic mysteries, with a dash of adventure. The  books don't follow the 'traditional' books of the genre and may not be for anyone looking for a 'traditional' historical romance.  They have an edge of suspense and intrigue, rather than being focused on life in Regency ballrooms.


​The Cavendish Mysteries follow Dominic,  Edward, Sebastian and Peter as they battle smugglers, murderers, mad relatives and themselves in their race to the altar.  Will they succeed in capturing the women who hold their hearts?  Moreover, will they be able to keep them alive long enough to get them to the altar?


SIGNED paperback copies can be purchased from this website via Paypal secure payment processing. All major credit and debit cards accepted. ​If you have any questions or problems purchasing a book please feel free to contact Rebecca using the Contact page.

The Cavendish Mysteries


The Gallows Bride

Book Four of the Cavendish Mysteries


When Peter Davenport’s eyes meet those of a beautiful young servant, his pulse quickens. There is something about the intriguing beauty that stirs his blood in a way that no woman ever has before, and he is driven to discover everything about her. Unfortunately he learns that Jemima is in trouble up to her beautiful ears! Despite his promise to protect her, Peter is stunned when Jemima abruptly disappears, and devotes his life to finding the woman who made him believe a marriage and children were possible.  

Jemima knows she is taking a risk trusting this battle-hardened nobleman, and when a ghost from her past puts Peter’s life in danger, Jemima knows she has made a huge mistake involving this battle-hardened nobleman. Ignoring her heart, she has no choice but to flee the one man who makes her feel safe and protected.

Although he does find her, he is horrified to learn that she is awaiting execution for a murder. Peter is a warrior who never backs down from a fight, but even he has to face the awful truth that even with his extensive wealth, and title, he cannot save her from the gallows. What he doesn’t expect is the shocking turn of events that leaves everyone reeling, and facing an entirely different battle for future happiness.

Despite the passion that simmers between them, Jemima knows that until the past is laid to rest, she cannot have a future with Peter, no matter how wonderful it is to be in his arms again. Will this gallows bride, ever be able to find future happiness with the man she loves?

Desperate to keep her safe, Peter refuses stand back and allow her to leave him again, but is unable to persuade her to listen to reason and accept his hand in marriage. Determined not give her up without a fight, Peter has to follow his heart and, against his better judgement, agrees to escort her on a daring journey to Padstow, directly under the nose of the smuggler who wants her dead.

But are either of them prepared for the final confrontation with Scraggan, and the shocking truths that are revealed?

Follow Jemima and Peter as they struggle to find the truth within a complex web of lies and shocking revelations that will change both of their lives - and will ultimately send someone to the gallows.




Chasing Eliza Book Cover (2)

Chasing Eliza

Book Three of the Cavendish Mysteries​


​Edward Cavendish is determined he will never go the way of his brothers Dominic and Sebastian.  He isn't foolish enough to be caught by the parson's trap for any man - or woman, no matter how delectable the intriguing bundle of feminine trouble might be.  But when his eyes meet those of the mysterious Eliza, his pulse begins to pound and he knows he cannot leave without learning if she is Jemima, his brother-in-law's elusive lover, or her sister Eliza.


Eiza is a bold and beautiful woman faced with a ruthless adversary.  In order to survive, she needs the help of the one man she knows can prove more of a danger to her than the notorious smuggler who has murdered her father and seems intent on capturing her.  Just being near this boldly passionate gentleman named Edward makes her nerves tingle with excitement and her pulse pound with anticipation.  But can she trust this ruthless warrior who seems determined to fight her cause?  Or is his interest in her driven purely by his need to help his brother-in-law?


​Together they must vanquish a ruthless enemy whilst confronting their own desires before ghosts from the past tear them apart forever.


Cinders and Ashes

Book Two of the Cavendish Mysteries


Sebastian Cavendish had little choice.  He could either be pushed from the speeding carriage, or he could jump.  Either way, he fully expected to die.  What he didn't expect was being caught by his very own Cinders. Intrigued by the impoverished beauty who walked and talked like a lady, but worked from dawn to dusk and lived in desolate isolation, Sebastian wants to learn all of her secrets.  


Amelia considered the devastatingly handsome rogue who had appeared in the middle of the night, was getting all too comfortable in her bed.  She tried, to keep him at arm's length while he recovered, but the lure of his tender smiles and warm embrace, was too much for this lonely outcast to resist, and she soon finds herself succumbing to his irresistible charm.  


Sebastian is only too grateful that his recuperation in the desolate hovel she calls home, is short.   Unfortunately, the pressing need to return home to hunt for the man who had ordered his murder is made more urgent by the need to keep Amelia safe.  Determined to protect her at all costs, he isn't above using the passion that burns between them to achieve his ultimate goals.  ​But can he persuade his own reluctant Cinders that her future really lies with him?  Or will her own stubborn determination to remain independent from the ghosts of her past keep them apart forever?  


 If You Were Mine

Book One of the Cavendish Mysteries


Isobel is willing to do anything to secure her own future, and that includes climbing out of a window in the middle of the night to flee her abusive uncle. With nothing more than a few coins in her pouch and the clothes on her back, she disappears into the night wholly unprepared for the stark reality of life on the streets.


He was too late to save her. Vowing vengeance upon the uncle responsible for her brutal murder, Dominic Cavendish, Lord Havistock returns home to grieve for the woman he thought he had lost. The hauntingly familiar figure he finds there changes his life forever. Suddenly Dominic is faced with an entirely new battle.


Will he and Isobel discover the truth behind the complex web of lies and deceit that tore them apart? Can he persuade Isobel to place her trust in him once more and take a chance on their future happiness, despite the threat to their lives?

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Lord Cavendish Returns

Book Five of the Cavendish Mysteries


When Harper Lawton’s entire life is called into question, he has little choice but to call Dominic, Edward and Sebastian Cavendish liars. However, doubts soon begin to surface, and he is forced to return to the place of his childhood, Hambley Wood, in his quest for the truth.


To find the register that proves his birth, he has to enlist the help of the astonishingly beautiful vicar’s daughter, Arrabella. Unfortunately, they are soon drawn into series of frightening adventures which brings them together and ignites a passion that neither of them can ignore. However, while the mishaps draw them closer, the truth about Harper’s ancestry tears them apart. Can a future ever be theirs, or will a cruel twist of fate, and affairs of the past, prevent them ever having a future together?



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