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Georgiana Bentley is tired of being a good girl. She is fed up of doing what her parents, and her brothers, have always told her to do. Her life is stifling, and she yearns to be free of it, especially now that her heart is shattered beyond repair.


She had loved Will practically all of her life; ever since he tugged her pigtails when she had been just eight years old. As she had matured into a young woman, her love for him had grown with her. To discover that he is now to be married to someone else leaves her world broken. Determined to save herself the pain of having to attend his wedding, she decides to retire to the country to live with her aunt.


Before she goes, though, she sets about experiencing each of the activities on her list of lifetime achievements, regardless of the consequences. What she doesn’t expect are the surprises it brings her.

Will has never stopped to consider Georgiana as anything other than a rather pesky friend whom he has always bailed out of trouble. When her wayward behaviour scandalises those around her, it is Will who is sent to speak to her. Unfortunately, he is unable to stop her scandalised pursuit of pleasure. Instead, he is left to watch her race headlong into situations no lady should experience, and do everything in his power to limit the damage to her reputation.


What he sees in Georgiana, is an entirely different woman to the one he thought he had known. Georgiana is wild, carefree, funny, charming, and downright beautiful. He is soon left to battle with his own jealousy when a rather determined suitor sets his sights on her.


When the rather determined exploits of the suitor challenges Will’s place in her life, he has to face the horrible prospect of losing her. Is it too late to cancel the wedding, and persuade the woman he really wants to be his wife?


When events surrounding Georgiana turn sinister, Will faces the fight of his life, and it isn’t just to persuade Georgiana to consider him as her future husband.


Their race across the country leaves them facing entirely different futures to the ones they thought they had mapped out – but can they ever be together? Will he be forced to go through with the wedding already planned to someone else? Or will Georgiana’s suitor succeed in ensnaring her first?  


When Talia gets robbed of her jewels in the street, she is shocked to find her rescuer is none other than Connor Humphries, the man she had thought she would never see again. Rather than walk away as she knew she should do, she turns to him for protection, especially when they get caught in a passionate embrace by one of London’s most avaricious gossips.


Connor knows his world has changed forever when he sees Talia again. He has always known that losing her was the worst mistake of his entire life. Now that he has found her again he is determined to do whatever is necessary to persuade her to give him another chance.


Unfortunately, his plans are thrown into turmoil when someone gets shot at a ball Talia attends, and she is the one caught holding the gun. Can he trust her to be honest with him? He is convinced she is keeping a secret from him but is unprepared for the truth when she eventually tells him what she has been doing since they were last together.


In a world of shadows and secrets, one thing becomes abundantly clear; the Star Elite are back in London, and even more determined to get their hands on Sayers, the gangster who has evaded them for several long years. Before they can track the man down, though, they first have to discover who is behind the numerous attempts on Connor’s life.


Connor knows Talia is the woman for him but will his desire for the woman of his dreams bring about his ultimate downfall? Or will she really turn out to be his saviour?