Saved By Desire

THE STAR ELITE ARE BACK................

When a series of gruesome murders appear to be linked, the Star Elite are called into investigate. Luke, Jeremiah, Brandon, Cooper, Barnaby, Joseph, Kerrigan, Connor, Jacob and Marcus suddenly all find themselves faced with a complex web of mysteries that take them to all corners of England. As they unravel the series of secrets, lies and red-herrings, their work brings them many hidden dangers, unexpected desires, and several intriguing mysteries along the way.


Unfortunately, all the experience in the world doesn’t prepare them for the battles that lie ahead. Battles that take them from the back streets of the most deprived areas of the country to ballrooms, bedrooms, and straight into the lives of several rather intriguing women who aid, abet, and hinder their intentions in the sweetest of ways.


Can they ever identify the person behind the series of jewel thefts that have thrown London into chaos? Will the murderer of several high profile members of society ever be discovered? Or will the ruthless gang of pickpockets that stalk London remain at large forever?


As they unravel the complex network of thieves, liars, and charlatans to ensure that justice is served, the Star Elite find themselves battling to keep more than their women. With the integrity of the organisation under the spotlight, they have to call upon the experience of several familiar faces to help them, but will Fate, and London’s most notorious gangster stop them anyway?


Come and join the new generation of the Star Elite as they embark on another series of adventures; where each man could very well be Saved by Desire.


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The Star Elite are back with a vengeance when they are called upon to investigate a gang of pick-pockets running rife across London. Their connections to London’s most notorious gang master make the investigation tricky though, especially when one of London’s aristocracy is found murdered, and is discovered by a rather mysterious lady who appears to have quite a lot to hide.


Poppy Cleghorne is horrified by the downward spiral of her life she cannot stop being ruined further by her father’s selfishness. Determined to do one last deed for him before she leaves him to his own devices, she is left terrified when a series of unfortunate events leave her alone, in a park, with a corpse on her hands.


Challenged by a stranger who is rather too handsome for his own good, she runs for her life, but not before she implicates herself in a murder she didn’t commit.

It isn’t too long before Luke finds the curious beauty again, but he struggles to get her to confide in him about the danger that surrounds her.


Unfortunately, matters are swiftly taken out of his hands when someone disappears, and several rather serious incidents happen which all point to Poppy being embroiled in one of London’s worst scandals. Before he can unravel the web of mysteries that surround her, he finds himself in a race for his life while trying to protect her from someone who wants her dead.


Will his desire for her be strong enough to withstand the very sinister challenges that threaten to tear them apart? Or will trusting her bring about his downfall?

To Catch a Thief OTHER SITES

When Jeb receives a note from his father summoning him home urgently, family duty forces him to leave his investigations for the Star Elite and head back to rural Hertfordshire. What he doesn’t expect to find in the sleepy village of his youth is a thief, a murderer, and the most strangely intriguing woman he has ever set eyes on.


Sophia has a lot to be afraid of. Unsure who she can trust she is forced to take drastic action to prevent her aunt, and herself, being carted off to jail. Unfortunately, she is caught in a rather compromising situation by a rather too handsome for his own good stranger who, together with his father, poses a serious threat to her future.


Drawn together through the deceit of others, Sophia and Jeb are forced to confront not only the desire that throws their lives into turmoil, but the doubts and suspicions that surround them.


Can a future ever be theirs when lies begin to unravel and a killer is revealed in their midst? Or will Jeb’s work for the Star Elite, work that he thought he had left behind in London, lead to a new set of dangers that threaten both of their lives?

Mistaken Identity OTHER SITES

When Marcus finds himself in a strange town in yet another unfamiliar part of the country, he feels more jaded than ever. Determined to bring his part in the investigation of Terrence Sayers to a temporary halt so he can make a long awaited visit home, he joins his colleagues, Joe, and Barnaby, in the search for the man who is hiding in the village somewhere.


When the finger of suspicion falls upon the rather dubious brother of the village’s lodging house owner, Marcus becomes their newest resident in a quest to discover just how far the brother’s crimes go. However, distracted by Jessica’s delectable beauty, he finds it difficult to investigate each of the strange occupants of the rather unusual lodgings she runs and finds himself spending more time uncovering her secrets than her brother’s. He soon finds himself going to rather questionable lengths to gain her cooperation; including a little seduction.


Strange guests and secretive brothers aside, his life takes a surprising turn when his relationship with Jessica quickly deepens. It becomes evident that the lies he has told her will have to become truths if he hopes to have a place in her life. Will she still want him when she discovers just who he really is, or will the exploits of her brother mean a future between them is impossible? After all, a reputable investigator for the Star Elite cannot be seen to be consorting with a criminal – can he?

A Scandal Most Daring AMAZON LARGE

When Tahlia is robbed of her jewels in the street, she is shocked to find her rescuer is none other than Connor Humphries, the man she had thought she would never see again. Rather than walk away, as she knew she should do, she has to turn to him for his protection.


Connor knows his world has changed forever when he sees Tahlia again. He has always considered that losing her was the worst mistake of his entire life. Now that she is back, he is determined to do whatever is necessary to persuade her to give him another chance.


Unfortunately, his plans are thrown into turmoil when someone shoots at them. Unclear if it is Connor or Tahlia the mysterious attacker wants dead, Connor faces the battle of his life to gain her trust and find out what she is up to. But can he trust her to be honest with him? He is convinced she is keeping secrets but is far from prepared for the truth when she tells him what she really has been doing since they were last together.


One thing is for definite; the Star Elite are back in London, more determined than ever to capture Sayers, the man they thought they had caught several weeks earlier. They are quickly faced with trying to discover who is responsible for the mysterious reappearance of stolen gems, and find out how they fit into the mystery Tahlia is drawn into.


Surrounded in danger, will Connor's desire for the woman of his dreams bring about his ultimate downfall? Or will Tahlia really turn out to be his savior?


Having witnessed another of his colleagues marry, Barnaby Stephenson is left to ponder the wisdom of his own choices in life.

The last thing he needs is to have to babysit the Star Elite’s primary witness of the murders of two of London’s most hardened criminals. Tasked with hiding Rosemary ‘Rose’ Higginbotham, Barnaby quickly realises that this seemingly delicate flower has a hidden side to her, especially when their lives are threatened.


When they find themselves hunted, their fight to keep Rose free of Sayers’ clutches takes them from the south of the country to the north. With each move, Barnaby finds himself losing another piece of his heart. This time, though, not even the safe houses and the support of his colleagues from the Star Elite can keep them safe.


When they are cornered, Barnaby and Rose find themselves fighting for more than their lives. They battle for a future together.


Left with no alternative but to put into action the Star Elite’s most audacious plan yet, Barnaby’s determination to keep Rose hidden may well lead him to capture not only London’s most notorious criminal mastermind but his very own bride.

Reckless Desire AMAZON LARGE

Horrified at receiving a proposal from the one man in London she would never marry, Marguerite leaves the scene and runs straight into the arms of Joseph ‘Joe’ Haversham, one of the Star Elite’s best undercover operatives.


It quickly becomes evident that Joe suspects she is not as innocent as she appears and is instead involved in helping one of London’s most notorious criminals commit his crimes. Determined to clear her name, Marguerite is drawn into a confusing mix of deceit and pretence that makes her doubt everything she sees and question everybody’s behaviour, including Joe’s.


Joe is coldly furious when he finds himself having to prove his innocence to her just to get to the truth. When he does, he demands something in return–something that at first, Marguerite isn’t prepared to give. When someone makes an attempt on her life, she has no choice but to go along with Joe’s proposal to capture the person responsible. Posing as Joe’s intended wife is just about as ridiculous as accepting the Count’s offer of marriage but, if it proves to Joe that she isn’t involved in any crime then Marguerite knows she must. In doing so though, she alters the course of both of their futures, and quickly finds herself contemplating making the charade become a reality.


With his colleagues surrendering to the dubious delights of matrimony all around him, Joe is more determined than ever not to become one of them. Unfortunately for him, Marguerite has other ideas. Will she succeed in catching her man, or will Sayers finally capture one of the Star Elite’s most hardened warriors?