Meet Harriett, Francesca, Portia, Cecily, Florence, Catherine, Prudence, Arrabella and Theodora, nine ladies who face an adventure of a lifetime as they battle smugglers, spies, murder and mystery in their quest to tame the rugged, battle-hardened warriors from the Star Elite, a brand new series from the bestselling author of the Cavendish Mysteries. This brand new, very exciting Star Elite series has now started with Capturing Sir Dunnicliffe and Smuggler's glory available to purchase.


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Historical Mysteries

The Star Elite

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Smuggler's Glory (Book 2 ) released 20th November 2013

If there is one thing Simon Ambrose absolutely hates, it is small villages. They are full of gossips and busybodies who thrive on other people's misery. As one of the Star Elite’s more hardened members, he is far from happy to be sent to a small, run-down tavern in a small village hidden in the wilds of Bodmin Moor.

His reluctance to be there is soon forgotten when it becomes apparent that nothing in the village of Much Hampton is as it seems, and nobody seems willing to tell him the truth. Especially the beautifully intriguing Francesca whose problems seem to be linked to the very men he is after. Is she really involved in spy smuggling, or a mere victim of circumstances far beyond her control?


Although he was certainly the last man anyone could consider a knight in shining armour, his own conscience won’t allow him to leave the beautiful Francesca to fend for herself when it becomes obvious that she faces her own battles with avaricious relatives and threatening visitors, and he is quickly dawn into a complex web of lies and deceit, murder and mystery that make him question his very future with the Star Elite. Can this warrior really have a future with the beautiful Francesca, or will spies and smugglers stand in their way?

Sir Hugo Dunnicliffe has no intention of returning to Padstow, the home of the one woman he wants most to avoid. The feelings Miss Harriett Ponsonby stirs in him are less than welcome, but when he is left battling for his life, he has no option but to seek the help of the one woman who stirs his soul. The very last thing he wants or needs is to feel any attraction toward the delightfully intriguing Miss Harriett Ponsonby, especially when it appears that her father is involved with the spy smugglers Hugo has been sent to arrest.


Torn between his desire for Harriett, and his duties as a member of the Star Elite, decisions don't come more difficult for Hugo when someone tries to take her life, and he finds himself becoming her bodyguard!


Can he really send his future father-in-law to jail if he is guilty of spy smuggling? Will his obligation to carry out his orders cost him the hand of the only woman who has ever come close to touching this battle-hardened warrior's heart? Can they identify not only one, but two murderers in time to prevent another death?


Book one of the brand new Star Elite series introduces one of England's elite fighting units as they battle to protect England's borders from French spies, murderers, smugglers and thieves while they battle with the demons on the past, and the women who will change their lives forever.



Capturing Sir Dunnicliffe (Book 1 ) released July 2013

Facing marriage to a man just as staid and boring as her life, Portia Tinsdale wants just one adventure before settling down with a man twice her age, but when she witnesses a brutal murder her life is turned upside down in ways she had never imagined.  


He is certainly no knight in shining armour, but Archie is forced to step in and to prevent this intriguing young lady from becoming the killer’s next victim. Unfortunately, he doesn’t count on the dogged determination of this rather curious young lady who stirs his soul and makes him want things that have no place in the Star Elite. He doesn’t know which is worse, Portia’s wilful recklessness, her stubborn refusal to listen to reason, her penchant for landing herself in the worst kind of trouble, or his unwavering desire that could bring about her downfall.


Determined to keep her safe, from the murderer and himself, he has no choice but to find ingenious ways of keeping her busy, far away from the dangers of spy smuggling and French invaders. Even if that means that he has to stage a fake kidnapping to keep her out of harms’ way. But as the dangers become increasingly real, the desperate need to protect her at all costs makes Archie realise that this is one kidnapee he may never want to release.


The Lady Is Innocent (Book 5 ) released 10th June 2014


His Lady Spy (Book 3 ) released 8th February 2014

Lord Melvedere's Ghost (Book 4 ) released 24th May 2014

Cecily had no doubt that Lord Melvedere's offer for her hand in marriage had more to do with his investigations for the Star Elite, rather than sincere affection. Nevertheless, she desperately needed help from someone, and Jamie Calverton, Lord Melvedere, was the only man she could turn to. Jamie is far from the ideal knight in shining armour, but with French guards determined to capture her, and her parsimonious father suspected of treason, Cecily has no alternative but to place her trust in this handsome stranger, and go wherever he takes her.


Melvedere Manor is a huge, rambling old mansion on the Cumbrian border. Quite clearly Jamie's home, Cecily is just as confused by the endless corridors with matching doors,as she is with Jamie himself, and the feelings he stirs within her so very easily.


She should be safe, and free, to rest, recuperate, and decide on her future. Instead, she is faced with a shocking new adventure that makes her question everything about the world around her. Do ghosts really exist? Or is there something far more sinister going on at Melvedere Manor?


Book Four of the Star Elite series continues the journey of the brave men of the Star Elite. Follow Hugo, Simon, Jamie, Archie, Pie, Rupert, Jonathan, Stephen and Harper as they strive to keep England's borders safe from French invasion, and their women out of danger.

When Florrie is caught with a bloodied knife in her hand at her cousin’s wedding, her entire world is thrown into chaos and a web of mystery begins to unravel numerous dark secrets that leaves her shaken to the very core. She is horrified when nobody believes her innocence, and soon finds herself under very investigation from the Star Elite, especially from one man they had nick-named Pie.


Patrick ‘Pie’ Masters should have been enjoying a brief respite from protecting England’s borders from spy smugglers. Instead he is drawn to Jamie’s beautiful cousin, who has secrets that could bring about her downfall. She doesn’t fit the criteria of a cold-bloodied murderess, but Pie has learned not to be fooled by a beautiful face, and Florrie is most certainly the most stunningly beautiful woman he has ever seen. However he becomes increasingly convinced that this woman is innocent, and it has nothing to do with the warm tenderness she brings about in him. When attempts on her life become more determined, Pie knows that he has to fight to protect her. Pie and Florrie are soon caught up in a life or death race to uncover the truth behind Tabatha’s sinister activities, while trying to uncover the identity of the man who wants her dead. Their quest for answers uncovers more sinister secrets than either of them anticipated but can they uncover the truth before the murderer strikes again, this time with Florrie as his victim? Or will Pie end up facing the ultimate of battles that could bring the end to his own life?

My Lord Deceived (Book 6 ) released 15th July 2014

Having spent most of the last few years trying to rid the country from smuggling gangs and French spies, Jonathan Arbinger returns home to take a well earned rest. While he is there, he is determined to try to further his cause with the delectable Kat, the woman who has held his heart since he was nine years old.


He is shocked and horrified when it becomes apparent that a smuggling gang is operating right on his very own doorstep. As one of the Star Elite’s finest men, and lord over the parish of Bentney on Sea, Jonathan has to embark on a new mission to try to uncover the truth behind who is involved in the smuggling. He doesn’t want to believe that Kat is involved, but doesn’t believe her for one second when she denies any knowledge of the illegal cargo that is being smuggled ashore and when strange events begin to unfold around her he is faced with a complex web of mysteries that threaten everything he holds dear.


Will his life-long dream to make her his wife be possible when he uncovers the true identities of the smugglers? Or will the lies that stand between them force them apart forever?

Stephen's latest mission was always going to be difficult, but the last thing he expects is to find himself at the mercy of a house full of females. If his friends in the Star Elite ever got to hear that he had been rendered practically useless by someone as beautiful and determined as the delightful Prudence, and her sisters, he would never live the shame down.


Prudence is prepared to do anything to protect her family and make sure that they can continue to live at Cragdale Manor. Unfortunately, that means that she has to trust the handsome stranger who works for their arch enemy, Ludwig Levant.


Can his claims that he works for the secret government agency, the Star Elite, be believed? However much she doubts him, she cannot ignore the feelings he creates within her that no confirmed spinster should even think about.


With the threat of losing her home hanging over her head, can she trust her unexpected captive to help them, and surrender to the desire neither of them can ignore? Or is he the biggest threat of all?


Captive Surrender (Book 7 ) released  13th November2014

The Ghost of Christmas Past (Book 8 ) released

17th January 2015

The Ghost of Christmas Past AMAZON LARGE My Lord Deceived AMAZON LARGE

His work with the Star Elite could throw him no more surprises; or so Rupert thought. That is, until his work brought the one woman he had spent the last few years trying to forget, back into his life.


Thea had hoped never to see him again. After all, what woman wants to be married to a man who was in love with his mistress? She had barely escaped last time and had spent the last three years trying to get on with her life and forget him.


Unfortunately, fate seems to have other ideas and Thea soon find this paritcular ghost from her past coming back to haunt her. With Christmas looming, will Thea and Rupert be able to lay the ghost of Christmas past to rest, or will it come back to haunt them with a vengeance? One thing is for certain, Rupert must fight to protect his new family from the sinister intentions of the last, remaining French spy on English soil: Jacques Fournier while keeping Thea out of danger.