Historical Mysteries

Come and meet the members of Tipton Hollow's most spooky circle, in this exciting new Victorian romantic mystery series with a difference. Harriett, Beatrice, Tuppence, Constance, Eloisa and Babette have their work cut out for them as they try to evade the gossips, angry spirits, and their persistent admirers who will do anything to capture their hands in marriage! Being outrageously compromised, almost run over by a runaway carriage, kidnapped, arrested for murder and shockingly propositioned are the least of their concerns with the parsimonious Miss Smethwick on the loose. But does she have her own secrets she needs to keep hidden? More importantly, who is hiding in the shadows attempting to thwart the psychic circle uncovering the truth? Are there really such things as ghosts?

Tipton Hollow Series

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The first meeting of the Tipton Hollow Psychic Circle doesn’t exactly go as planned, especially when one of its members suddenly dies in the middle of Harriett’s parlour floor. The arrival of the handsome Detective Inspector from Great Tipton throws Harriett’s world into turmoil, and the instant attraction she feels for him shocks her more than the unusual messages she receives at the séance.


Mark’s investigation reveals a complex web of mysteries that are as baffling as they are intriguing, and he soon enlists the help of Harriett in his quest to uncover the truth. Are the 'clairvoyants' really able to speak to the dead? Or are they wanted by Scotland Yard for fraud? With threats being made directly toward Harriett, Mark wastes no time in using the events that unfold around him to spend as much time as possible with her. Unfortunately, with unexplained deaths, sinister threats and disappearing villagers, his shocking proposal does little to keep her safe and capturing Harriett becomes a race against time to uncover the identity of the person, or persons, responsible for the murders, before Harriett becomes the next victim.





Beatrice initially thinks nothing of the mysterious plant that turns up on her doorstep one morning, however when she is visited by the rather sinister Sigmund Hargraves, who says he wants his plant back, events start to unfold that have a rather sinister twist.


Luckily, Benedict Addison is on hand to help her out, but soon finds himself drawn into a mystery which takes him and Beatrice on a journey of adventure, love and danger. When the bodies that begin to turn up appear to be connected to the plant, Beatrice and Ben are forced to face the very real possibility that there are yet more sinister goings on in Tipton Hollow that neither of them are prepared for and they must work together to keep the plant out of Sigmund Hargraves' clutches while the police investigate the murders.


However, to do that Ben has to first persuade her that he is not the ogre she thinks he is and that a future can be theirs for the taking if she will only consider him to be her match made in heaven.